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Outdoor fun and adventure

Depending on your stamina, you can head towards First either by cable car or along a wonderful hiking trail. Afterwards, you can ride the First Flyer from First to Schreckfeld at speeds of up to 84 kilometres per hour, and then perhaps fly backwards from Schreckfeld up to the ridge at 72 kilometres per hour on the First Glider, known as the ‘Eagle’, before then hovering through the mountain air back to Schreckfeld. After your flight (secured by a strong safety harness), it's time to come back on another fun-sport device, the First Mountain Cart. These machines thunder along over the rough track from Schreckfeld to Bort. There, your trotti bike is ready and waiting to take you on yet another enjoyable ride to Grindelwald.


Up to four people can soar down into the valley at the same time on four, 800-metre-long, parallel (Tyrolean) steel cables, which form a continuous run from start to finish. The flight lasts 45 seconds and covers 200 metres from First to Schreckfeld. You ride downhill at heights of up to 50 metres above ground in a safe and securely constructed harness – similar to a paragliding rig – reaching a top speed of up to 84 kilometres per hour, before being brought to a halt by a sprung braking mechanism.

Start: First
Finish: Schreckfeld


The latest First attraction really makes your mountain adventure complete. The 'Eagle' begins by carrying 4 passengers back up the mountain at 72 kilometres per hour, before returning once more to Schreckfeld at even higher speeds. The 800-metre-long flight path is thus travelled once in each direction – and you will soon discover that flying backwards is a lot of fun.

Start: Schreckfeld
Finish: Schreckfeld


A mountain cart is a cross between a go-kart and a sledge on which you thunder along up hill and down dale for a distance of three kilometres. En route, you will pass grazing cows and traditional alpine cottages whilst enjoying a magnificent view of the north face of the Eiger. This new fun-sport device has a comfortable seat, good tyres and efficient brakes, and will transport adventurers safely.

Start: Schreckfeld
Finish: Bort


You can also take a trotti bike down to the valley!

A trotti bike combines the best features of a scooter and a bike. You stand upright on a wide footboard and, thanks to the suspension forks and broad-profile tyres, can roll along in comfort even over bumpy tracks. And on your way to Grindelwald you can stop at any time to enjoy views of alpine meadows and farmhouses.

Start: Bort
Finish: valley station Gondelbahn First

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