Eigerness - Original Grindelwald

The brand Eigerness wants to familiarize you with the uniqueness and diversity of Grindelwald. Eigerness is a cooperation of trade, agriculture and tourism.

Hotel Kirchbühl is a participant of Eigerness culinary art. We cook special meals and menus with local products. Furthermore, in our hearty breakfast buffet you can find a large range of specialities from Grindelwald.

With regional warmth of wood active against the climate warming - a local initiative.

To make a contribution against the change of the climate the union of hoteliers, the union of craftsmen and trade and the community of Grindelwald developped the idea of a regional heating with  wood.
The regional heating should produce CO2 neutral district heat from home-grown engergywood for the Hotels in Grindelwald, public building and private households.

Since the middle of November 2011 the Hotel Kirchbühl gains its energy for the heating and the water heating system by "Holzwärme Grindelwald".

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