Host family Brawand

Christian und Vera Brawand-Küng

Welcome to our website. We are delighted to introduce the whole Brawand family.
The families of hosts Christian Brawand-Küng and siblings.

Family Bruno & Claudia Brawand-Dannhorn, Berghaus Bort

Bruno and Claudia are runnig the Berghaus Bort. More...

Senior Chefs Rosmarie and Christian Brawand-Imboden

The 3rd Generation Brawand on the Hotel Kirchbühl are enyoing their retirement. More...

Bernese Mountain Dog "Kira"

Our Bernese Mountain Dog "Kira. More...

Family Ben Brawand-Kaufmann, Salt Lake City (Utah) USA

Ben and his Family are living in the USA. More...

Family Rosmarie Lüthi-Brawand, Wolfhausen/ZH

Learn more about our daughter and sister Rosmarie. More...

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